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Oh Mama, I'm in Love! The Story of the Yiddish Stage

YIVO's Shine Online Educational Series

Oh Mama, I'm in Love! The Story of the Yiddish Stage
Presented by Edward Blank and Family

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About This Course

Take a step behind the curtain and enter the world of the Yiddish theater in Oh Mama, I’m in Love! The Story of the Yiddish Stage, the third course in YIVO’s Shine Online Educational Series. Join leading scholars of Yiddish theater as they trace the history of Jewish performance in 25 lecture videos and discussions. Explore Yiddish theater as a global phenomenon through images and playbills from more than 20 countries. Get to know the greatest Yiddish actors, producers, designers, and playwrights, many of whom would go on to have successful careers on the American stage and screen, including Molly Picon, Paul Muni, and Stella Adler. Discover the impact that Yiddish theater continues to have on popular entertainment today.

Immerse yourself in nearly 1,000 archival objects and documents, including never-before-seen photographs, newly digitized audio clips, original posters and advertisements, and vibrant set and costume designs that bring the Yiddish theater to life.

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All of YIVO’s Shine Online courses are now free. YIVO is offering our entertaining and enlightening Shine Online courses for free. These courses provide meaningful content to sustain our minds and soul. We invite you to use this time to broaden your knowledge and learn about Jewish music, theater, literature, folklore and the history of our people and to access our many other free online resources.

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