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This page provides instructions on how to create an account, on how to navigate Discovering Ashkenaz, how to return to a course to continue learning, and where to find reading information.

How do I create an account and register for a class?

1. Go to the website


2. Scroll down to where you see "Discovering Ashkenaz" written in blue letters. Click on this link.


3. Click on the blue button, "Register for YIVO101"


4. Fill out the required information on the registration page. Then click on the blue button, “Create my YIVO Online Education Account."


5. Log in to the email account you used to register, and open the email from Click on the link in the email.


6.Your account is now active. Click on “dashboard." (Please note that you may get a message that says that your account has already been confirmed. If you get this message, click on the link for your dashboard and proceed as below. This is a bug in Open edX, and your account has been created correctly.)


7. Then click the blue button, “View Course.”


8. You made it! Read the welcome message on the “Course Updates” page, and explore the menu bar at the top of the page to look at the syllabus, course reader, FAQ, and other course information. When you are ready to start learning, click on the farthest left tab, “Courseware.” This is where you will view all course videos and assignments.

How do I navigate Discovering Ashkenaz?

When you log into the course page, you will automatically be taken to the menu tab entitled “Course Info.” This page gives you updates and information from the course team. You can also use the “Course Handouts” menu to view the various maps used in the lessons.

To access all course videos and assignments, click on the “Courseware” tab, to the left of the “Course Info” tab.

To access the readings for this course, click on the “Course Reader” tab. You can read the texts online or download each chapter as a pdf.

To directly view all of the discussions for the course, click on the “Discussion” tab. Or, you can access the discussions for each lesson from within each module.

To get started, click on the Courseware tab!


When you click on the Courseware tab, you will see a vertical menu, listing the various modules available (the "module menu"). Click on the menu tab entitled “Introduction.”

Next, look at the horizontal menu in the center of the screen (the "element menu"). You will see a series of icons. These are the various elements of the lesson: the course video, the quiz, the discussion question, and the end-of-lesson “self-assessment.” This is all you need to navigate the course! Click on the first icon to begin!

If you have trouble accessing the course, please call YIVO at (917) 606-8290 during Eastern Standard Time business hours.

How do I get back to the course page?

Go to and click, "Sign In."

How do I know what readings to do for each module and/or lesson?

At the beginning of each module is a document entitled, "Lesson Plan." This document outlines the objectives for each module, and breaks down each lesson, including suggested readings.